All Smith Town Fire Department Permits Are Now Available for Online Application


Smith Town — Chief Turner reports that the Smith Town Fire Department’s permitting application system is now entirely online. The Smith Town Fire Department is using a new turnkey web-based solution to make their permitting process contactless and easier for residents and business owners to use.

The permitting site is accessible at Here an individual will find a variety of different permit types to apply for. To start the permit application process the individual will be required to register for the site, and once registered can apply for the necessary permit and submit any paperwork that may be required. Once the application has been reviewed by the department, the applicant will be notified via email about the status of their application. In some cases an in-person inspection or additional paperwork may be required.

The new permitting system will also make open burning management more efficient for the department and for residents. Once an individual has an approved open burning permit, they’ll be able to log into their client account and activate their burn permit on the day of their burn. In the event conditions are unsafe for burning, Smith Town Fire Department can automatically prevent a burn permit from being activated.

“Implementing this new fire permitting system will reduce paperwork and make us more efficient,” said Chief Turner. “I’m looking forward to how the community responds to this new and improved system and customer experience.”